MOODPlaylist is an AI-powered music recommendation tool that creates personalized playlists based on the user"s mood, activity, and era preferences. It offers a wide range of moods, such as happy, sad, energetic, and nostalgic, and allows users to select their preferred genres, including rock, pop, classical, hip hop, and more. The tool analyzes the user"s mood, consults with music experts, and analyzes past music trends to craft the perfect playlist. It also provides pre-made playlists for different themes and activities, such as cooking, studying, working out, and relaxing. One unique feature is the ability to export or import playlists from Spotify. MOODPlaylist offers an ad-free and uninterrupted music experience, allowing users to enjoy a seamless and personalized music journey for free. Potential applications of this tool include enhancing mood, boosting productivity, accompanying various activities, and creating a personalized music experience.