Loopin HQ is an AI meeting assistant that helps users run efficient and productive meetings. It uses AI technology to transcribe meeting recordings and generate meeting minutes, eliminating the need for manual note-taking. Loopin also connects related meetings together, allowing users to easily switch context and prepare for upcoming meetings. It features a conversational-style chat, where users can ask Loopin AI for important details and information. Users can share meeting notes with their team via email, Slack, or Notion, promoting accountability without the need for status update meetings. Loopin also serves as a command center for work, allowing users to capture tasks from various sources and manage them within the tool. It integrates with popular work apps such as Gmail, Slack, Zoom, Notion, and Microsoft Office. Loopin prioritizes data privacy and encrypts data at rest and in transit. Overall, Loopin HQ streamlines meetings, enhances collaboration, saves time, and improves productivity.