Juice Labs is an AI-powered software tool that allows for the efficient utilization of GPU resources in an organization. By transforming unused GPU capacity, referred to as "Dark GPU," into an accessible utility, Juice enables any GPU-accelerated workload to have remote access to available GPU capacity on any network. Their dynamic sharing and pooling software can be easily installed on workstations and servers, making all organization GPUs network-attached. This empowers enterprises to share, compose, and access GPUs in new ways, boosting utilization and allowing for more efficient compute allocation. With Juice, organizations can supercharge their GPUs, reduce wastage of expensive compute investments, and free up trapped GPU capacity for enhanced productivity. Their software requires no additional hardware and enables workloads to use any GPU over standard network infrastructure with a simple install. Juice has applications in various hybrid work environments, such as leveraging the under-utilized GPUs inside workstations and freeing up unused GPUs in servers and cloud provisioning.