Grantboost is an AI-powered grant writing tool that aims to simplify and expedite the grant proposal process for nonprofit organizations. By completing a brief survey about their team, mission, and funding goals, users provide the AI with essential details to craft tailored grant proposals that resonate with funders. Users can also copy and paste grant opportunity information or start from scratch within the user-friendly platform, and the AI will analyze and extract the necessary information to generate a customized grant proposal. Users have the freedom to review, edit, and adjust the proposal to ensure it aligns with their organization"s unique voice. Grantboost"s streamlined workflow saves users time and effort, allowing them to focus on their mission. The tool boasts over 10 years of technology experience, onboarded over 100 nonprofits, and facilitated the writing of over 500 grants with the help of its cutting-edge AI technology. Nonprofits looking to unlock their funding potential can try Grantboost for free.