Description is an AI tool that revolutionizes the traditional documentation process. By leveraging the latest LLMs and AI technology, acts as a pair programmer for new hires and a valuable resource for senior engineers. It eliminates the need for static wikis and forgotten document folders by creating a conversational codebase that enhances team efficiency and drives productivity. With, developers can access a knowledge base that uses AI language models to train, inform, and guide technical teams. The tool offers features like GitHub PRs & Files integration, auto-sync repositories, the ability to add corrections and context, upload custom documents, and Slack or in-app chat support. The tool prioritizes data security by encrypting all shared information and generating access keys per request. aims to address the shortcomings of traditional documentation by tapping into the untapped knowledge hub of the codebase and providing a consumable way to explain code. In the future, plans to integrate with other document applications to create automated knowledge bases for internal and external assistants. Users can get started with for free, with no credit card required, unlimited GitHub documents, and 10 free questions and answers.