GuidedTrack is professional, custom software that allows anyone, regardless of coding experience, to create surveys, educational modules, studies, tools, and prototypes without the need to hire a programmer. The tool offers free templates and best practices to save time and build research, making it suitable for agencies and marketers to gather brand and consumer insights, researchers to design advanced interactive studies with features like skip logic and data collection, educators to create interactive lessons that adapt to learners" answers, and anyone with an idea to bring their concept to reality. GuidedTrack also provides additional features such as forms, email sending, user accounts, data collection and storage, and integrations with other apps. It has been used by non-programmers in various projects, such as designing an app for anxiety management, creating training programs for rational decision-making, developing a career path tool, and building an introversion assessment. The tool offers a free plan with no time limit or credit card requirement.