Almaya is an AI-powered app that allows users to safely record, save, and share their personal stories, advice, and life lessons. The app enables future generations to access this valuable content and contribute to it as well. Users can create their unique and private Almaya, recording and saving content through videos and audio recordings that can be organized into different categories such as history, advice, joy, future messages, recipes, and wisdom. The app ensures the privacy and security of users" content, with encrypted technology and the ability to choose who has access to their Almaya. Almaya also offers a PRO subscription with additional benefits such as unlimited answering of questions, longer recording times, access to artificial intelligence, and personalized support. This innovative tool provides a way to preserve personal legacies, connect with loved ones, and promote self-discovery. Potential applications of Almaya include creating a digital record of memories, sharing advice and knowledge with future generations, and fostering meaningful conversations within families.