Description is an AI-powered dubbing and voiceover platform that enables fast, cost-effective, and high-quality dubbing in over 40 languages. It offers an innovative and efficient solution for production houses, OTT platforms, enterprise companies, marketing and creative agencies to localize their videos. With, users can upload their videos and use the AI-powered tool to dub them into multiple languages. The AI model is 4x-10x faster than traditional dubbing, automates 80% of the dubbing process, and is approximately 70% cheaper. The platform also offers the ability to create custom voices and collaborate remotely without the need for a physical studio. has been trusted by leading companies and has proven success in boosting the reach of videos, with a case study showing over 300 million views in just three days by providing access to a historic speech in multiple languages. Overall, redefines dubbing by providing authentic and efficient dubbing solutions with emotions, revolutionizing the way content is perceived.