Delibr AI is an AI-powered tool that aims to revolutionize product requirement document (PRD) writing for product managers. It offers dynamic templates, decision facilitation, and two-way Jira integration. The tool helps product managers capture and structure feedback, translate it into feature documents, and align with teams and stakeholders. Delibr AI uses AI to generate content and act as a co-pilot, providing clarity and flow to the PRD writing process. It offers features like gathering feedback from customers, extracting insights from large bodies of text, organizing feedback using different trees, and presenting solution candidates to stakeholders for prioritization. It also allows for seamless integration with Jira and other issue trackers through Zapier. Delibr AI has been trusted by product teams worldwide and has helped in achieving consistency and effective communication of product propositions. Overall, Delibr AI is designed to streamline and enhance the PRD writing and product development process.