JetBrains Marketplace is an AI-powered tool that allows developers to personalize their experience with JetBrains IDEs and team tools by exploring and installing plugins. The tool provides a wide range of plugins for JetBrains products, including IDE features trainers, language support plugins, test management tools, and more. Users can browse through staff picks, top downloads, new plugins, and top rated plugins to discover and install the plugins that best suit their needs. With over 135,000 downloads, React Buddy is a popular plugin that helps developers build applications based on React.js and related libraries by providing component palettes for popular UI frameworks like MUI and Ant Design. The tool also offers features like language localization, integration with GitLab CI/CD, and visual theme customization. JetBrains Marketplace enables developers to enhance their productivity and efficiency by extending the functionality of their JetBrains IDEs.