Code Assist


CodeAssist is an AI tool designed to assist programmers in their coding tasks. It features a natural language interface, allowing users to communicate with it like they would with a human. The tool can access and make changes to code files directly in the user"s editor. Powered by GPT-4, CodeAssist can execute actions such as opening files as part of the assistance it provides. It has long-term memory, allowing it to generate code with awareness of other files and parts of the current file being worked on. CodeAssist works with popular programming languages and can implement entire features in applications under a developer"s supervision. However, it does have limitations, including making mistakes that the developer needs to fix and potential bugs and annoyances due to being an early version. The tool is different from ChatGPT in that it directly reads and writes code from the editor, can take actions in addition to generating code, and does not use the user"s input for improvement purposes. It is also different from Github Copilot in that it has a natural language interface, does not hide standard completions from the IDE, and completes code when triggered rather than suggesting changes. CodeAssist sends the code it works with to its API for processing, but the code is not stored on the server. It requires users to sign up and obtain an API key for installation.