ClipFM is an AI-powered tool designed for professional teams, creators, podcasters, editors, marketers, agencies, and studios. Its primary function is to turn long-form videos into short clips for social media platforms. Using AI, the tool automatically identifies the best moments within a video and creates ready-to-post clips within minutes. This efficient platform saves users time and money compared to manual editing or hiring an editor. The clips can help creators grow their audience, attract new listeners, and repurpose past videos instead of constantly creating new content. ClipFM currently supports conversational audio content like interviews and speeches, with plans to expand compatibility to other types of content and languages in the future. Users can adjust the clips and timestamps if they are not satisfied, and the AI improves over time through learning. The tool also offers the ability to generate video content from audio-only podcasts. ClipFM provides an intuitive interface for users to create their own clips by specifying start and end timestamps. Additionally, an affiliate program is set to launch in Q1 2023, offering users the opportunity to earn revenue for referring customers.