Buildt is an AI tool designed to assist developers in searching and understanding large codebases more efficiently. It offers contextual search capabilities, allowing users to search for code based on its functionality rather than specific keywords. The tool also provides code explanations, enabling developers to quickly understand how different parts of their codebase work. Additionally, Buildt plans to introduce a code generation feature that can automatically generate code based on a thorough understanding of the codebase. Currently, the tool supports JavaScript and TypeScript, with plans to add support for Python and Ruby in the future. By utilizing a fine-tuned Language Model-Mapping (LLM) trained on proprietary synthetic datasets, Buildt claims to offer an AI that surpasses human understanding of codebases. It promises to provide developers with expert-like assistance, enabling them to ask questions about their projects. The tool is being developed by three friends who have extensive experience with LLMs and aim to simplify the development process. Buildt ensures the privacy of users" code by storing it locally during codebase indexing and never keeping a copy on their servers. Additionally, any shared information is anonymized and does not contain any sensitive or identifiable data.