Brisk Teaching


The Brisk AI Writing Detector is a Google Docs and Classroom extension that offers a range of features to assist teachers and improve students" writing. It includes a plagiarism checker, grammar error detector, and an AI-detection tool that can identify student work written with the help of AI. The AI model used for detection is trained on GPT4, making it highly accurate. Additionally, Brisk provides tools to automate teaching workflows, analyze and monitor student data, and create engaging curriculum. It can assess student effort on assignments by analyzing version history data and can help personalize curriculum for individual students or groups. Brisk also offers an AI-powered feedback tool that saves teachers time and provides students with more feedback opportunities. The tool can assess the reading level of any text on the internet and change the reading level of news articles with a simple click. Overall, Brisk is a comprehensive tool for teachers that combines AI detection, curriculum customization, feedback generation, and reading level assessment.