Botsheets is an AI tool that enables chat automation by integrating Google Sheets as a CMS. It allows users to automatically convert chat conversations into structured data and store it in Google Sheets. With Botsheets, businesses can easily generate customer lists and manage chatbot content. By connecting their messaging channels to Google Sheets, users can capture customer data from chats and use it for lead generation. Additionally, Botsheets enables users to manage changing content such as product listings or menus by linking Google Sheets to their chatbot, which can generate real-time automated responses based on the sheet"s data. The tool is praised for its ability to create unique chatbot experiences, provide effective customer support, and offer an easy-to-use solution for organizing and retrieving inventory. Users can get started with a Free Forever plan, and no coding is required. Overall, Botsheets is a powerful tool for automating and streamlining chat conversations, leveraging the capabilities of Google Sheets as a central management system.