Bank Statement To Csv/Excel — Ai Parser


Receiptor AI is an AI-powered tool that automates the extraction of receipts and invoices from emails, saving time and simplifying expense tracking. It can identify emails containing receipts, attached receipts, or links to receipts, and extract the information to create accountant-ready reports or auto-forward them to other systems. The tool also offers retroactive email analysis, allowing users to gather and organize receipts from their entire email history. It extracts crucial receipt details such as purchase amounts, categories, and dispute deadlines. Users can easily export reports in PDF format and it will soon integrate with expense management systems. Receiptor AI is designed for individuals, small business owners, and accountants, and it has use cases in various industries including freelancers, SaaS users, accounting services, digital nomads, non-profit organizations, and more. The tool helps streamline tax preparation by instantly generating spreadsheets with necessary financial information, reducing the chances of missed deductions. It offers different pricing plans based on email volume and ensures the security of user data by adhering to Google"s API Services User Data Policy and passing security assessments.