Augment Ai


Augment is a personalized AI assistant that is designed to help you with various tasks and increase your productivity. Unlike other apps, Augment automatically saves and remembers everything that matters to you, including native apps, web pages, and meeting audio. It creates content that is deeply personalized to you and can even write messages and emails in your tone of voice. Augment is always context-aware and can be accessed within your workflows, working seamlessly with other applications. You can ask Augment to retrieve anything you"ve seen, said, or heard, and it can instantly create a link to share local files. The tool offers enterprise-level privacy and security, ensuring that you have control over your data. Augment is currently available on MacOS, with support for Windows and Android coming soon. Overall, Augment is a game-changing AI tool that learns from you and assists you in various tasks, making your life easier and more efficient.