AskCodi is an AI code assistant that simplifies the development process to help programmers create prototypes and applications faster. It reduces redundant tasks, saving development time. AskCodi provides a complete tool for developers, including Codi Projects, which organizes code generation, chat, and workbooks. The Codi Chat feature offers conversational assistance, answering questions and facilitating problem-solving. The Codi Workbook provides an interactive environment for code generation, explanation, documentation, and testing. AskCodi supports a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks and continues to add more each week. It can be integrated as an extension in popular editors like Visual Studio Code and PyCharm. AskCodi also supports multiple natural languages and provides real-time coding assistance. It is useful for frontend developers, backend developers, and DevOps professionals, offering suggestions, documentation, and performance optimization. Overall, AskCodi aims to be a complete development solution, allowing developers to simply ask what to do, and AskCodi takes care of it.