ASAPP is an AI tool designed to enhance the performance of contact centers and improve customer experience. It offers integrated automation features that can increase agent productivity, provide real-time intelligence, and automate various tasks. The tool uses generative AI technology that is trained specifically on the data of each individual customer, making it adaptable to their specific needs and challenges. ASAPP provides several unique features, including AutoAssist™, which reduces average handling time by 10% or more while cutting the time agents need to become proficient in half. It also offers AutoCompose™, which automates 70% of messaging agent responses, and AutoSummary™, which automatically summarizes every customer interaction. Another feature, AutoTranscribe™, transcribes every call with the most accurate speech-to-text technology. ASAPP promises fast implementation, with companies able to go live within days and start realizing a return on investment from day one. The tool has already been successfully adopted by industry-leading companies such as American Airlines. ASAPP has helped its customers achieve remarkable results, including increased agent productivity, reduced cost per interaction, improved first contact resolution, higher NPS scores, and increased sales productivity. The ASAPP AI research team is continuously working on breakthroughs that directly contribute to the development of technology to make people more productive. The tool provides documentation, tech briefs, and additional resources to support users. Overall, ASAPP is a powerful AI solution that can transform contact center operations, drive efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction across various industries.