Akkio is a Generative Business Intelligence (BI) tool that allows analysts to gain insights, create visualizations, and build machine learning models without coding. It is an easy-to-use, scalable, and affordable AI platform designed for real-time decision-making. With Akkio, analysts can chat with their data, generate visualizations and insights, and create predictive models in just minutes. The tool offers features such as generative AI, which allows users to transform data and ask questions without coding, as well as the ability to create live charts and reports with a few clicks. Users can also use machine learning to predict business outcomes like sales forecasts, lead scoring, and employee attrition. Akkio"s platform simplifies the process of leveraging AI for various applications, including sales, finance forecasting, text classification, and churn reduction. It also offers easy integration with existing applications and support for multiple languages and platforms. Overall, Akkio empowers analysts to upgrade their analytics with generative AI and predictive modeling, increasing productivity, speed, and efficiency in their decision-making processes.