5 Minute Lesson Plan


The 5 Minute Lesson Plan is an online tool that allows teachers to create engaging lesson plans quickly and easily. It offers two paths to planning perfection: an AI path and a manual path. With the AI path, teachers can enter details such as topic, subject, lesson length, and year group, and the tool will generate a fully-fledged lesson plan that can be edited. The manual path allows teachers to create a plan from scratch using a blank canvas and a template that guides them on what to include. The tool supports cognitive thinking and structures the thought process for teachers, breaking down complex thoughts into manageable chunks. By using this tool, teachers can save time, plan from anywhere, and have more time for teaching. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan has been tried, tested, and trusted by teachers worldwide, and it is now available as a digital and mobile-friendly tool. It also offers resources such as webinars, tips, and tool recommendations to further support teachers" professional development.