Zigpoll is a survey and feedback platform that allows businesses to collect zero-party data from their customers. The tool offers a no-code setup for popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wordpress. With Zigpoll, businesses can ask the right questions to their customers at key moments, using multiple question formats to engage customers and gather quality feedback. The tool also offers features like branching logic and incentives to create rewarding interactions and reveal critical insights. Zigpoll provides an intuitive dashboard to analyze survey responses, with multiple charts and reporting dashboards for quick processing of zero-party response data and Net Promoter Scores. The tool allows for advanced targeting rules and third-party integrations, enabling surveys to be sent via email, SMS, or on-site options, and supports fully translatable surveys to reach a wider audience. Additionally, Zigpoll offers a personal AI assistant that automatically provides actionable insights based on response data, and tracks open-ended response trends to keep businesses informed of customer reactions over time. Zigpoll offers various pricing options, including a free Lite plan, and provides installation support and additional services like copywriting support. Overall, Zigpoll helps businesses collect feedback, make more informed decisions, and optimize their marketing strategies and product offerings.