ZeroGPT is a free AI content detection tool that accurately identifies AI-generated text. Users can simply copy and paste the text they want to analyze and ZeroGPT will quickly determine if it is AI-generated or human-written. The tool uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques to provide highly accurate results. ZeroGPT is compatible with various GPT models, including GPT-4. It helps publishers, content marketers, and educators verify the authenticity of written work and detect plagiarism. It is particularly useful for SEO content, academic content, and marketing content. The tool is easy to use, provides fast results, and has a high accuracy rate of 99% and above. ZeroGPT is committed to ongoing research and aims to achieve even greater accuracy in the future. It respects user privacy by not storing any data after analysis. The tool supports various languages and can detect AI text generated by different AI models. Overall, ZeroGPT is a reliable and efficient AI text detection tool that helps maintain the integrity and originality of written content.