ZeroGPT is an advanced and reliable tool that detects whether text has been generated by AI or written by a human. It is used by professional writers, students, educators, freelancers, and copywriters to determine the origin of text and detect plagiarism in AI-generated content. To use the tool, users simply enter the text in a box and click the "Detect Text" button. ZeroGPT"s complex algorithms then analyze the text and provide results such as whether the text is human-written or AI-generated, as well as the percentage of AI-generated text. The tool has an accuracy rate of up to 98% and uses DeepAnalyse™ Technology to identify the source of the text. ZeroGPT ensures the privacy of its users and does not save or share any text inputted into the tool. It can be integrated into organizations or websites through a private API available in paid professional plans. ZeroGPT supports multiple languages and is beneficial for anyone who wants to detect AI output text.