Zendata is an AI tool designed to protect against data leakage and exfiltration. It helps users identify third-party tags, cookies, and personally identifiable information (PII) across various data surfaces such as websites, apps, codebases, repositories, employee devices, and APIs. The tool enables users to understand any discrepancies between their privacy policy, actual practices, and what should be done. It offers real-time extraction, monitoring, and remediation of data and privacy risks. Zendata also provides a comprehensive privacy compliance platform, allowing organizations to manage data security and risk across their entire stack, including web applications, codebases, devices, and databases. By ensuring privacy compliance and protecting customer personal information, Zendata helps maintain trust and mitigate the risk of fines and data breaches. The tool offers no-code solutions, making privacy compliance easy for IT departments without needing cybersecurity specialists. It also includes features like data protection, machine learning-based remediation, embedded privacy APIs in SDLC, and a Privacy First Badge and Score to boost customer conversions. In a world where privacy concerns are growing, Zendata provides organizations with the necessary tools to safeguard sensitive information and comply with global privacy laws.