ZekAI is an AI platform that offers a range of tools and applications for various purposes. It includes a chatbot designer that can generate questions, correct grammar, and help with writing tasks like homework, theses, stories, and books. It also provides features for retailers, such as creating SEO-optimized product descriptions, generating ad text and social media posts, and editing product images. Additionally, ZekAI offers tools for media professionals to quickly generate ideas, designs, prototypes, and content like ad text, song lyrics, mottos, and poems. The platform also includes a designer app that can generate unique images and artwork from text descriptions, allowing users to visually represent their ideas. ZekAI"s chatbot functionality serves as a personal assistant, utilizing breakthrough technology to understand natural language and provide assistance in daily tasks. The tool is aimed at saving time, increasing productivity, and helping individuals and businesses create high-quality content without requiring design knowledge or extensive writing skills.