ZEG is an AI tool that allows anyone to generate high-quality product photos and videos with just a smartphone photo. It eliminates the need for a physical studio by providing virtual product imagery creation. With ZEG, users can upload their product image and receive a 3D version of their product in just 48 hours. They can then select a template, customize the image with their company logo or text, and download it for use on any media. ZEG offers benefits such as zero carbon footprint, faster product testing, increased conversion rates, and more views and purchases. The tool also provides a web-based platform for creating, storing, and sharing visuals, along with access to various models, props, and scenes. ZEG has been praised by customers for its effective media creation and cost reduction in 3D modeling. Pricing plans are available, offering different features and options based on the user"s needs. Overall, ZEG is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for creating stunning product visuals without the need for a physical studio.