Yuma is an AI tool that uses ChatGPT to automate customer support for large Shopify merchants. It integrates directly with help desk software, such as Zendesk or Gorgias, and offers several unique features. The Ticket Assistant feature analyzes incoming support tickets and drafts appropriate responses for agents to review. It can also generate complete drafts based on agents" instructions in their brand voice. Yuma builds a custom Knowledge Base specific to each merchant to provide accurate and personalized responses. It can learn and mimic agents" writing style from past tickets. Yuma also offers conversation thread summarization, multilingual support, and auto-translation. It seamlessly integrates with help desk platforms and retrieves real-time information from Shopify products and pages. Yuma aims to streamline customer support, boost productivity, and deliver exceptional service by leveraging AI technology. Free trials are available, and future product releases are planned.