YouKnowMe is a personalized AI chatbot tool powered by ChatGPT. It allows users to create their own chatbots trained on their unique content. The chatbots provide immediate, personalized responses to visitor queries, enhancing user engagement and driving conversions. The tool offers features like instant customer support, easy integration with a website using SDK, unique QR code access for customers, insightful analytics, and multilingual support. It can be used in various industries and applications, including personal chatbots, influencer management, research and access, e-commerce, educational institutions, and healthcare services. YouKnowMe utilizes the advanced GPT-4 model for accurate and contextually relevant responses. The tool is easy to use and offers a flat pricing structure with no management fees. Users can deposit credits to use the tool, and data security is ensured with storage on secure servers. New features and updates are regularly added to YouKnowMe to enhance the user experience.