XARIIA is an AI tool for the fashion industry that automates the pattern print design process. It uses image-generating AI to create high-quality, unique, and custom pattern print designs in seconds, resulting in designs that are 80% cheaper and with a 90x faster turnaround time. The tool aims to simplify fashion and make it accessible and affordable to everyone, while also promoting sustainability through on-demand production and digital luxury. XARIIA offers a unified user experience with a user-friendly interface and an interactive 3D model viewer, allowing customers to see what they"re purchasing. The tool is suitable for designers, businesses, and consumers. Users can select a silhouette, choose design parameters such as size, trend, colors, and season, and the AI will generate a custom print that can be applied to the 3D model for real-time viewing and purchase. XARIIA also offers the option to manufacture physical garments or digitally wear them using XR goggles, AR filters, or in virtual worlds.