Wysa is an AI tool designed for everyday mental health support. It offers an anonymous and safe space for users to vent and talk through negative thoughts and emotions, particularly related to pandemic anxiety and lockdowns. The tool uses clinically validated AI to provide immediate support and offers human coaching for those who need more assistance. Wysa"s AI creates a therapeutic alliance equivalent to a human therapist within the first week of use. It provides structured programs and on-demand self-care through evidence-based exercises, as well as 1-on-1 sessions with coaches. Wysa"s AI takes on 80% of the support load, allowing human support to be focused where it"s really needed. The tool also offers customized escalation pathways for crisis situations and connects users to local helplines. Wysa has had a significant impact globally, with over half a billion chat conversations with more than five million people across 95 countries. It has been proven to reduce lost-time days by 33% and increase access to mental health support by 10 times. Wysa is used by individuals as well as organizations looking to provide mental health support to their employees.