Description is an AI article writer and bulk article generator. It allows users to create SEO content quickly and easily with its user-friendly interface. The tool generates long-form articles with minimal input, saving users time and effort. It can create article drafts that are 95% complete in just 15 seconds and is compatible with WordPress for easy scheduling and publishing. Unlike other AI writing tools, Wordplay was designed by SEO professionals with SEO content in mind. It generates high-quality content, paragraphs with a natural flow, and avoids repetition. The tool focuses on creating helpful content that Google loves, with features like FAQs to increase chances of winning featured snippets or appearing in the people also ask section of search results. Wordplay can be used to create blog articles, web pages, marketing content, and blog ideas. It offers different modes, such as guided mode, title mode, outline mode, bulk FAQ mode, bulk CSV mode, and topic mode, for various content creation needs. The accuracy and consistency of Wordplay"s grammar and spelling are typically 95-100%, and content can be generated in multiple languages. Wordplay is a valuable tool for SEO and can help with brainstorming, content creation, and meeting SEO optimization requirements.