Searchie Wisdom is an AI-powered conversational chat tool that uses GPT-4 to unlock and leverage your content. By training Searchie Wisdom on your website, text files, and audio/video content, it can provide comprehensive answers to questions and inquiries. It extracts relevant information from multiple sources and generates fully referenced responses. You can create a custom plugin for your website, digital course, membership site, YouTube channel, podcast, or use it internally for your team. It can dramatically improve customer support, increase audience engagement, and help your audience make progress with your content. With Searchie Wisdom, you can have 24/7 customer service without a large team. The tool is compatible with any platform and can be set up easily by uploading your content or connecting to various media sources. Additionally, Searchie Wisdom offers features like transcriptions, captioning, and app integrations. It is available for a monthly subscription of $49, with additional fees for queries and content uploads.