Waymark is an AI video creator that simplifies the process of creating sample commercials. With Waymark, users can quickly generate compelling commercials based on their brand by simply inputting their business information. The AI technology behind Waymark automatically scans the web to gather local business data and produces a video accordingly. Users can then make any necessary adjustments, finalize the video, and easily share or download it. Waymark has supported over 15 million dollars in ad spending and has significantly reduced the time it takes to create a commercial, saving users up to 94% of their time. The tool has a high user recommendation rate of 9.5 out of 10 and boasts an 86% satisfaction rate. Waymark is designed to meet the technical specifications required for airing on TV, CTV, and digital platforms, making it a versatile solution. Overall, Waymark empowers businesses of all sizes to create fast, affordable, and timely promotional videos, addressing multiple creative needs in one tool.