Wavechat is a custom ChatGPT tool that allows you to create an AI chatbot for your website without any coding experience. With Wavechat, you can instantly answer your visitors" questions by training the chatbot on your website"s content. The tool provides top-notch support 24/7 by addressing visitors" unique situations and offering well-thought-out answers in seconds. You can easily manage your bot"s knowledgebase by adding or removing web pages to keep the information up to date. Wavechat also offers customization options, allowing you to personalize the bot"s design and behavior to align with your brand. In cases where the chatbot can"t provide an answer, visitors can contact you directly via email. The tool supports over 100 languages and offers different pricing plans based on the number of web pages and monthly messages you require. Overall, Wavechat is a user-friendly AI tool that improves customer support, enhances visitor experience, and saves time for website owners.