Visus is an AI tool that allows users to create their own customized ChatGPT AI. This tool is designed to provide instant answers to questions by utilizing the user"s own collection of documents and knowledge base. By training the AI on the user"s specific language and content, Visus can generate accurate and personalized responses. Users can easily upload their documents and configure parameters to match their requirements, ensuring that Visus delivers results that meet their needs. With its conversational and fully configurable nature, Visus allows users to ask follow-up questions and customize the AI to their liking. The tool also prioritizes security and privacy, encrypting all data with industry-standard encryption, enforcing strict permissions, and aiming for SOC 2 compliance. Visus can integrate with popular platforms like Google Drive, Confluence, Slack, and more, making it versatile and accessible. Potential applications of Visus include streamlining knowledge access, generating content, and assisting with customer inquiries.