Virtual Face


This AI tool offers a fast and convenient solution for obtaining high-quality professional headshots. By uploading just 5 photos, the AI algorithm generates over 56 stunning variations that capture the individual"s true essence. The tool provides a portfolio of different styles for the headshots, allowing users to select their preferred looks. The generated headshots can be used for professional purposes, such as on LinkedIn or printed materials like resumes. The tool ensures privacy by automatically deleting uploaded images from its servers after 7 days. Payment is secure through Stripe, and there is a money-back guarantee for purchases that meet the quality threshold. The tool uses a technique called "Dreambooth" to fine-tune the model, and it does not use uploaded photos to train the AI for other users. Additionally, users have the option to register as an affiliate and earn a commission on sales. Overall, this AI tool offers a convenient and efficient way to obtain professional headshots quickly and easily.