Unrealme is an AI tool that generates AI-generated images of users based on their uploaded photos. The process involves a secure payment, uploading photos according to recommendations, and waiting for the generated images to be delivered via email. Users can choose to share the images with friends. The tool has been praised for its ability to generate realistic images that resemble the users. Themes for the generated images include 4K photos, illustrations, and superheroes. The resolution of the images is 512x512 pixels in JPEG format. The resemblance of the generated images to the users depends on the photos provided, with about 70% of the images closely resembling the users. The generation process typically takes a few hours, and if there are any issues or delays, users can contact the support team. Users" photos are only used to generate the images, and the original photos are deleted once the generation is complete. The generated images are deleted after 30 days, but users can request earlier deletion if desired. The tool offers customization options, and users can contact the support team for specific needs and suggestions. Overall, Unrealme provides users with a fun and innovative way to generate AI-generated images that resemble them, with potential applications in art, entertainment, and personal enjoyment.