Unlearn is an AI tool that aims to revolutionize the field of medicine by accelerating clinical drug development and eliminating trial and error in treatment. They accomplish this through the use of AI-powered digital twins, which simulate individual patient health outcomes and forecast how their health may change over time. These digital twins also enable the comparison of potential health outcomes and estimate the relative effects of different treatments. The tool"s primary application is in AI-powered clinical trials, where it can help reach full enrollment faster and prioritize patient needs. Unlearn collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to drive faster drug development. The tool is also supported by industry experts, including Mira Murati from OpenAI, who sits on Unlearn.AI"s Board of Directors. As part of their mission, Unlearn aims to advance AI to eliminate trial and error in medicine in the future. They are actively seeking passionate and innovative individuals to join their team and be part of shaping the future of AI in healthcare.