TurboHire is a trusted and comprehensive recruitment automation software that offers a wide range of features designed to streamline the hiring process. With over 59 features across 10 hiring modules, TurboHire is used and loved by over 7000 recruiters worldwide. It is compliant with major industries such as IT, Manufacturing, BFSI, and Pharma. Whether you are a large enterprise, mid-market company, or fast-growing startup, TurboHire provides a complete recruitment automation platform that includes applicant tracking, candidate sourcing, talent screening, candidate engagement, interview automation, offer and onboarding, and recruitment analytics. TurboHire"s unique features include its ability to create a single repository of resume and job data, automate 85% of manual recruiting activities, and provide AI-generated candidate scores for efficient screening. It also offers templatized communications, multi-channel engagement with candidates, and automated interview scheduling. Furthermore, TurboHire helps improve the offer process with customizable workflows and offers recruitment analytics to track and manage every activity. TurboHire is not just a single tool, but a collection of tools built to solve various recruiting challenges. It is globally compliant, integrated with various HRMS platforms, and deployed across multiple countries. TurboHire is trusted by over 120 companies in a wide range of industries and has received positive feedback from clients who have experienced improved efficiency, candidate experience, and quality of hiring. Overall, TurboHire is a comprehensive and powerful AI recruitment software that offers a complete solution for businesses of all sizes to streamline their hiring process and make data-driven decisions.