TTcare is a health care app for pets that allows pet owners to easily check the health of their pets using just pictures. With the help of AI, the app can accurately detect abnormal symptoms in pets" eyes and skin with an accuracy level of over 90%. This makes it an innovative solution for preventive care, as it can identify symptoms of diseases early on. TTcare is recognized as a patent registered medical device software and approved by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. In addition to analyzing health check results, the app provides veterinary advice and access to online vets for consultation. It also offers a membership option that includes unlimited profiles for pets, unlimited eye and skin checks, storage of health check results, and timely notifications. TTcare also helps pet owners manage their pets" lifecycle by providing information on disease, health, weight, nutrition, and behavior. The app sends periodic reminders and useful tips to help pet owners live a healthier and happier life with their pets.