TrueBees is an AI tool that functions as a deepfake detector, specifically designed to identify AI-generated portraits shared on social media. It aims to prevent the dissemination of these manipulated images across the web. By instantly and effortlessly checking the trustworthiness of images, TrueBees assists media professionals in detecting deepfakes and avoiding the spread of disinformation. Its primary goal is to make social media users feel safe and access trustworthy news, as the prevalence of AI image generators and deepfakes raises concerns regarding misinformed content. Additionally, TrueBees encourages individuals to contribute to the fight against deepfakes by preventing the sharing of AI-generated images on social media, minimizing the occurrence of scams, cyberbullying, revenge porn, and computer crimes. This tool is useful for professionals in the media industry and law firms, providing them with an efficient method of fact-checking, coordinating news editing, ensuring content trustworthiness, and providing evidence for legal cases involving pictures. TrueBees sets itself apart from other AI-generated image detectors by its ability to detect AI-generated portraits after they have been shared on social media platforms, overcoming common challenges faced by existing detectors. Users can access TrueBees by creating an account and adding a payment method or by integrating with its APIs. With an accuracy rate of 97.99% on a reference test dataset, TrueBees offers a reliable solution for identifying and preventing the sharing of AI-generated images.