Tinder Glowup


Tinder Glowup is an AI tool that allows users to generate pictures of themselves with abs using artificial intelligence. By uploading their pictures, users can receive 20+ customized pictures of themselves with rock solid abs. The tool aims to help users enhance their online dating profiles, specifically on platforms like Tinder and Hinge, to attract more matches and dates. Additionally, the pictures can serve as motivation for the gym. The tool ensures privacy by deleting user data after 24 hours. It offers a one-time payment option without a subscription, and users can get a 30% discount for early bird sign-ups. The tool"s AI model is trained using user-uploaded pictures and then generates the custom abs pictures, which are owned by the user and can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes. While the tool currently supports various image formats, it does not accept AVIF or GIF formats. Payment is processed securely through Stripe, ensuring the protection of users" financial information.