TIMZ.FLOWERS is an all-in-one meeting platform that combines the power of AI, video conferencing, and asynchronous meetings. It is designed for distributed teams and aims to increase productivity by automating tasks such as video summaries, meeting recaps, and notes. The tool offers advanced video editing features, allowing users to extract valuable insights from their videos. It also includes features like collaborative note-taking, transcripts, timestamps, and automated follow-ups. Participants receive meeting recaps with text and video summaries, meeting minutes, and notes via email or Slack. The AI-powered smart search allows users to find any meeting details in seconds by simply asking the AI chatbot. TIMZ.FLOWERS is suitable for various applications, including distributed teams, sales, online education, hiring and recruiting, customer support, and project management. It provides a comprehensive solution for recording meetings, sharing agenda points, creating action items, and uploading files, ensuring every meeting is action-oriented and keeping the team aligned.