Timely is an AI-powered time tracking software that helps teams accurately track their time to report client, project, and work hours effortlessly. It automates time tracking by tracking time spent in every web and desktop app automatically, providing a complete picture of the work day with zero effort. Timely also allows users to track projects in real-time, monitor budgets, hours, and activities, and get a comprehensive overview of the team"s time. It offers a real-time feedback loop of how plans unfold, making it ideal for project and team planning. With its intuitive design, Timely ensures that every billable detail is captured, reducing timesheet administration and preventing billable time from falling through the cracks. It also empowers individuals by protecting their privacy and providing an enjoyable time tracking experience. Timely integrates with existing digital toolkits through native integrations and open APIs, allowing users to easily connect data. Trusted by over 5,000 businesses globally, Timely is a reliable tool for accurately tracking time, improving project rates and budgets, and enhancing productivity.