ThumbnailAi is an artificial intelligence tool that analyzes and rates YouTube thumbnails to maximize the number of clicks they receive. With ThumbnailAi, users can upload an image or drag-and-drop it for analysis. The tool uses AI algorithms to evaluate the effectiveness of the thumbnail and provide a rating. This rating helps creators optimize their YouTube thumbnails to attract more viewers and increase engagement. In addition to its core functionality, ThumbnailAi is part of a suite of projects that includes FFMPEG UI, a fast media file format converter, PomoPlanner, a pomodoro-based daily planner for productivity, and, a highly customizable website builder. ThumbnailAi is built using low-code technology, specifically, and it was created by @ybouane in Montreal, Canada. Potential applications of ThumbnailAi include boosting click-through rates on YouTube videos, increasing channel subscribers, and improving overall video performance.