This Beach Does Not Exist


This AI tool, called "This Beach Does Not Exist - StyleGan," is a powerful synthetic beach generator that uses StyleGan2 ADA, an AI model, to create realistic images of beaches. The tool provides a learning progress video that shows the network"s training process and measures it in kilo images (kimg). It also offers the ability to generate random images and cluster similar images using K-Means Clustering, an unsupervised machine learning algorithm. Users can download the network for their own experiments or retrain it with their own dataset, enabling transfer learning. The technical details of the tool include information about the network architecture, dataset, resolution, and training options. The tool credits StyleGAN2-Ada, a GAN architecture developed by NVIDIA Labs, and provides links to the original implementation as well as non-square support and other improvements by RoyWheels/stylegan2-ada. With its ability to generate realistic beach images, this tool has various potential applications in fields such as art, design, virtual reality, and entertainment.