The Trip Boutique


The Trip Boutique is an AI-powered tool that helps travel companies enhance their customers" travel experiences by providing hyper-personalized travel itineraries. With the use of AI and expert local knowledge, the tool creates itineraries that perfectly match the interests, preferences, and budget of each individual traveler. The tool can be used by destination marketing organizations, hotels/resorts, online travel agencies, travel agents, tour operators, travel-tech partners, airlines/railways, and travel brands. It saves travelers hours of research by recommending the best-matching options from a curated database of places and provides access to hidden gems and special locations. The itineraries can be accessed through a web and mobile app, allowing travelers to navigate the city like locals and book restaurants and activities on the go. The tool also offers integration options such as widgets and website embedding for businesses to seamlessly incorporate the itinerary building service into their digital platforms.