Thatch is a digital hub for offline communications that offers a range of tools to manage physical mail, fax, phone, and text. With Thatch, users can send mail online anywhere in the world using their print, stamp, and mail service, eliminating the need to buy stamps or go to the post office. Users can also receive their inbound mail in their inbox, with notifications and a chain of custody for all mail, saving time and ensuring compliance. Thatch integrates voice and SMS into the customer journey, allowing for call routing, unlimited minutes and texts, hardware, and team collaboration. Users can also send invoices, documents, and letters virtually with PDF upload to mail service, which offers tracking, letter history, and auditability. Additionally, Thatch offers fax services, particularly useful for security-conscious partners working in healthcare, government, or finance industries. It also provides a team inbox to track digital and offline communications with key partners. The tool offers features like shortcut keys, a command center, and a single inbox to streamline workflow and increase productivity. Thatch caters to various industries, including real estate, law firms, remote teams, and global nomads. It offers a free 30-day trial with no set-up costs and the ability to cancel anytime.