Tether is an AI-powered tool that facilitates product feedback and bug reporting for teams. It offers a widget that can be added to websites, allowing users and team members to record their sessions and provide feedback in real-time. The tool supports in-app screen capture, providing options for screen recording, markup, and pixel-perfect screenshots to ensure crystal clear feedback. It automatically generates data-rich reports, including technical metadata, to help developers quickly pinpoint and resolve issues. Tether integrates seamlessly with existing workflows and tools, such as Slack and Notion, and provides a single source of truth for feedback, eliminating the need to dig through email or Slack threads. The tool also offers easy setup, guest accounts for collaboration with clients, a Chrome extension, and responsive support. Tether is suitable for teams of all sizes, particularly web agencies and SaaS companies. It aims to streamline the bug reporting and feedback process, saving time and increasing collaboration and productivity.